SA45 Thermal Rifle Scope

The PARD SA Thermal Rifle Scope has proven itself around the world as being extremely good for the price point and out performs its competitors

$From 5799

PARD SA45 – Thermal Rifle Scope

This is a new PARD SA45 Thermal Rifle Scope and we really like it, its Price and Performance is really good, its simple to use and very effective.

Key Features

  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Lightweight at just 420g
  • F1.0 Lens for best ‘thermal’ light transmission
  • 3.9x Optical plus a 3x Digital Zoom
  • 1024 x 768 resolution screen
  • French Made Thermal Core – 384×288 50hz – .17u
  • Recoil Rated to 6000j – 308 Level
  • Powered by a 18650 Flat Top Battery – easy to change when flat
  • Rangefinder (LRF Model) 600m
  • 3 year Warranty

We only recommend the 45mm Lens version for most users, anything less than this is VERY short range and unless you are shooting rats all the time in a barn, the 45mm is the best option to have.

The Thermal Core is actually made in France as well – as are several other big brands

Why we think this is a brilliant Thermal Rifle Scope

The PARD SA Thermal Rifle Scope truly is a very good scope and at this kind of price point its amazing.