PARD TA LRF Handheld Thermal
PARD TA LRF Handheld Thermal
PARD TA LRF Handheld Thermal
PARD TA LRF Handheld Thermal

PARD TA LRF Handheld Thermal

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All Models have a Laser Range Finder BUILT INTO the body

We ONLY recommend buying LRF models - read below for why

Model:TA32-25 (2.6x) LRF

The New PARD TA LRF Thermal Handheld with Laser Rangefinder has a number of features that make it the Thermal Handheld to have!

  • Small Size
  • 375g or less including Battery
  • Laser Rangefinder up to 1000m*
  • High Performance Thermal Core
    • 384×288 or 640x480 at 12u Pixels
    • NETD of <35mK
    • F1.0 Lenses
  • Uses 18650 Batteries - Requires a Charger
  • Comes with Carry Pouch, Neck Layard and Hand strap - see photo
  • 3 Year Warranty

Key Features:

Laser Rangefinder

This is one of the MOST useful aspects of a thermal handheld

The TA series rangefinder is nicely built into the body, not a huge bump on the side - there isn't any penalties to having a LRF, only benefits.

We recommend that you ONLY buy a Thermal Handheld with an LRF

  1. Paint the Target with the Laser for a Night Vision scope to see and confirm it - saves trying to describe where the target actually is - THIS IS HUGE
  2. Know the distances.

We so much follow this that we actually DON'T bring in Thermal Handhelds without the LRF, oh and you would only save about $200 as well

Note - Requires Night Vision scope, such as DS35, TD32 or 008 etc, this is NOT a red dot you cannot see it with your eyes

Watch our videos to see it in action

640 Models

Wondering if a 640 core (from any brand) version is worth the extra money, No and Yes

No if the magnification isn't enough - using the digital zoom (2x) just takes you to pretty much the same level as a 384 optically

Yes if you want the Field and View and the same effective magnification as a 384 in the distance and the optical magnification level is fine for your purposes (remember they are nearly half the optical magnification of a 384)

Runs on a Single 18650 Battery.

The TA32 runs on a 1x 18650 Battery. Run Flat while out in the field, no problem, swap it and go.

You shouldn’t have to rely on an internal Battery that could fail leaving you with a Brick, or reliance on Power Banks to top you up, or those expensive custom batteries. Nope use the Thermal all you want no need to look at the petrol gauge and worry about how long you have left!

An 18650 is the best thing to have.

Read this page for more information

High Performance Thermal Core

With a NETD of <35mK the TA series produces excellent images with great Contrast; others may have 25 or 40, even 50.

BUT Too often its just a Marketing BS figure  Read this for a further Explanation

Our Thermal Cores are 384 Pixels wide, some competitors are just 320 wide in the same class; more pixels the better!

Why are the Pixels such an important figure  Read this for a further Explanation

The Pixels are now .12u apart, that’s a improvement from the older .17u standard that was common – the smaller distance produces more detail

* Range is maximum on reflective targets, reduces with environmental and light conditions. My big brand LRF Binos are rated to 3200 yards, but the manual states 2000 yards on trees and 1300 yards on animals.



Learn about the TA LRF

Side by Side

See the 3 models side by side to see the effects of magnification and field of view

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