Single Leg Styx Elite+

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Single Leg Styx Elite+

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Support legs suitable for Viper-Flex® Styx Elite+.

The support leg is easily clicked on and provides additional stability, which can help you to an even more accurate shot. In addition, your shooting sticks can stand alone without the use of other support.

The Single Leg Styx Elite+ is made with tubes of anodized aluminum.

Facts about the Single Leg Styx Elite+

  • Made in black anodized aluminum
  • Easily clicks on and off the shooting stick with clips at both ends
  • Easy and quick adjustment to the desired height
  • Rubber-coated leg that reduces noise to a minimum and ensures better grip and handling
  • Rubber foot that can be used on all hard and soft surfaces
  • Weight only 360 grams
  • Extra vertical stability