Red Shot PARD 008 Throw Lever

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Red Shot PARD 008 Throw Lever

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The Throw Lever is is designed to provide a simple solution to focusing your PARD.

The PARD 008 night vision scope is one of the most cost effective, compact and lightweight dedicated rifle scopes on the market today. Despite its popularity it does has a few draw backs. It lacks a lens cap, a sunshade, and a useable focus ring. The focus ring is very restrictive in its operation therefore we developed the throw lever to improve grip and give finer control to focusing. The PARD is extremely sensitive to the smallest amount of focus ring movement to alter the clarity of the image. By adding a throw lever you are able to better control this fine movement and have an improved larger surface to grip when focusing.

Extremely easy to fit and remove this simple and cost-effective solution will enhance your PARD’s usability.

Fits – PARD NV008 / NV008-LRF / NV008P / NV008P-LRF SCOPE

  • Simple to install and remove.
  • Enhances your control over the focus ring.
  • Cost effective solution.
  • Works great with our Deluxe Rubber Lens Cap.