SA45 Thermal Rifle Scope


SA45 Thermal Rifle Scope


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The PARD SA Thermal Rifle Scope has proven itself around the world as being extremely good for the price point and out performs its competitors

Get the QD mount and use it as a Handheld Spotter as Well

As Reviewed in Rod & Rifle Magazine – “PARD SA45 Thermal Imaging that Works” Read the Review HERE

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Wondering how they compare to Competitors ScopesRead Here

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PARD SA45 Thermal Rifle Scope

This is a new PARD SA45 Thermal Rifle Scope and we really like it, its Price and Performance is really good, its simple to use and very effective.

Key Features

  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Lightweight at just 420g
  • 5 Profiles
  • F1.0 Lens for best ‘thermal’ light transmission
  • 3.9x Optical plus a 3x Digital Zoom
  • 1024 x 768 resolution screen
  • French Made Thermal Core – 384×288 50hz – .17u
  • Recommended Recoil Level .308w
    • Actual Limit is much higher – 300 Win Mag
    • Not Approved for Spring or Piston Powered Air Rifles (Break Open Types etc)
      • PCP Perfectly fine
  • Powered by a 18650 Flat Top Battery – easy to change when flat
  • Rangefinder (LRF Model) 600m
  • Warranty – 3 years

We only recommend the 45mm Lens version for most users, anything less than this is VERY short range and unless you are shooting rats all the time in a barn, the 45mm is the best option to have.

The Thermal Core is actually made in France as well – as are several other big brands

Why we think this is a brilliant Thermal Rifle Scope

The PARD SA Thermal Rifle Scope truly is a very good scope and at this kind of price point its amazing.

If you have the Quick Detach mount you can use it as a Handheld spotter and in seconds re-attach it to your rifle to shoot!

If you are looking for a 640 core’d thermal, they are just expensive for the gain in resolution, our recommendation is to have a SA45 and a PARD 007 which has vastly more resolution than any thermal – enjoy the hunt, find them with the thermal, see what you are looking at in detail AND save money vs a 640!!

Experience in Night Vision

PARD’s New Zealand (and Australian) Distributor is Owl Optics, who are a Night Vision specialist based in Whangarei.

We (Owl Optics) have been operating in this field for over 10 years and have supplied Professional users, Search and Rescue Personal and various Government Departments both here in New Zealand and Australia with Night Vision, SAR and Communications equipment.


It was only after we tested and verified PARD’s devices that Owl Optics decided to become the distributor as they met our standards.

Local Backup and Support

Backup and support is important for us and a requirement for our other work – It should also be a concern for yourself before investing in Night Vision equipment.

We have pre-tested every device before if is shipped out AND we have our own techs who can repair the units without them being sent back to the Factory with a quick turn around time. Months of waiting time are not acceptable to us in all but extreme cases; you should ask about other brands regarding this and their local support

Talk to a Expert

We are available most days of the week, we support our dealers based around the country and are very happy to talk to you before and after your purchase and to discuss your needs