008 Rifle Scope

008 Rifle Scope


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Range 200-250m with the inbuilt IR, more with a external

Dedicated Scope, with Laser Rangefinder Version (LRF)

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The positives for the Pard are many. Firstly and most importantly. It works and its 100% useable up to 250m on game animals … for those that want useable NV on a budget there is a option Click Here for the full review

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PARD NV008 Plus Night Vision Rifle Scope

This is a new PARD NV008 plus Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope and we really like it, its Price and Performance is really good, its simple to use and very effective. The in-built IR torch is very good just by itself so its a total complete unit that is effective at night hunting ranges.

This is the a newly updated model as well

New & Improved Features:

  • New Sony 1024×768 OLED Display (up from 800×600)
    • Now the images are even better as the screen matches the Camera 1080P resolution
  • Picture in Picture

Why we think this is a brilliant Night Vision Rifle Scope

The PARD NV008 Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope truly is a very good scope and at this kind of price point it’s amazing.

If you would like a clip on model that attaches to your existing day scope, have a look at the PARD NV007

Rod and Rifle Reviewed the 008 LRF in the Jan/Feb 2021 Issue:

The positives for the Pard are many. Firstly and most importantly. It works and its 100% useable up to 250m on game animals … for those that want useable NV on a budget there is a option

Click Here for the full review


The Pard NV008 Night Vision Unit – sets a new benchmark amongst dedicated night vision scope units, with 1080P colour for daytime use and 1080P night time viewing, mp4 video recording and uses 18650 batteries with a  and compact powerful illuminator, gives amazing value and performance for money.

Comes supplied with a rail mount to fit to your rifle

The Pard NV008 Night Vision Rifle Scope features:

  • 1080P Full colour for daytime use
  • 1080P Night vision mode for night use
  • 6.5x optical magnification and digital 13x zoom function
  • 5 Profiles for different Ammo or Rifles
  • 600m Laser Rangefinder (LRF Version Only)
  • Multiple reticle choice with aimpoint graduations.
    • Strelok Pro has at least 2 of the reticles in its APP
  • Record in MP4 to internal Micro SD card (not included).
  • Built in 200-250m illuminator with zoom function from spot to flood and three IR power modes
  • Recoil rated up to .308 calibre (6000j muzzle energy)
  • Waterproof IP67
  • They are very compact 162x54x69mm
  • Only 450g
  • Runs off a single 18650 Flat Top battery so you can carry spares and replace in the field very easily
  • Requires a Charger – we recommend Nitecore here
  • Standby mode from press of power button turns eye display off, prevents spooking of quarry from screen glare if carrying a night
  • Adjustable brightness and exposure control to allow greater colour and detail during very low light conditions
  • Picatinny / Weaver rail mounting system
  • Warranty – 2 Years

Experience in Night Vision

PARD’s New Zealand (and Australian) Distributor is Owl Optics, who are a Night Vision specialist based in Whangarei.

We (Owl Optics) have been operating in this field for over 10 years and have supplied Professional users, Search and Rescue Personal and various Government Departments both here in New Zealand and Australia with Night Vision, SAR and Communications equipment.


It was only after we tested and verified PARD’s devices that Owl Optics decided to become the distributor as they met our standards.

Local Backup and Support

Backup and support is important for us and a requirement for our other work – It should also be a concern for yourself before investing in Night Vision equipment.

We have pre-tested every device before if is shipped out AND we have our own techs who can repair the units without them being sent back to the Factory with a quick turn around time. Months of waiting time are not acceptable to us in all but extreme cases; you should ask about other brands regarding this and their local support

Talk to a Expert

We are available most days of the week, we support our dealers based around the country and are very happy to talk to you before and after your purchase and to discuss your needs