Why don’t we recommend these?

There are a few issues with using this type of device on a normal hunting rifle setup. All thermal clip-ons have to go in FRONT of your day scope as they cannot see through the glass of the scope.

  • Alignment – they need to be fitted carefully to ensure proper alignment with your day scope POI, remember tiny amounts add up to larger movements in POI at a distance
    • They are mounted with a clamp to your scope
  • Your Day scope was NOT designed to have that weight hanging off the objective
    • Imagine the forces involved when you swing the rifle around, or bumps while moving
    • You generally don’t have a forward rail to mount the clip on to
  • Your scope is looking into a TV Screen, if you over zoom or have a higher base magnification you will be looking at the pixels
  • The weight and balance of your rifle is quite different

While the Military use this style of Night Vision device; they also do so differently which hunters typically can’t. The tend to use high end clip on scopes designed for rough treatment; they are mounted to a forward rail so the weight is not on their scopes and they have a consistent mounting mount. Plus they are less concerned (non snipers etc) about accuracy as they are concerned about military operations not hunting.

Clips On’s are a compromise scope and they have their place; but must be done properly!

What is the recommended solution?

Remove your day scope and replace it with a dedicated thermal scope. You can simply do this by using proper Quick Detach and Return to Zero mounts. This removes all the issues and is easy to do – we have personally used this style of mount on Day and Night scopes for over 10 years without issues in the commercial hunting field

Thermal Clip On’s aren’t a good way to achieve the flexibility with a thermal scope under hunting conditions

PS yes we do have access to clip on thermals