If you think you have a issue with your device

Have you checked out the videos and manual first?

If so then please call, text or message us - or complete the form below in the first instance.

We will be in touch, there maybe things we can do remotely to solve the issue without sending it back

We ask for the form to completed as it also keeps track of your device (Paper can be lost).

It also ensures that if we do need to have the device returned we have the correct details in our system to get it back to you.

Step 1 - Contact us (09) 390 6878 (Office hours) or complete the form

Step 2 - We will provide advice on what to check on the unit while it is still with you.

Step 3 - If this doesn’t work then the form (Below) needs to be completed so we have the correct information of the device

Step 4 - We will provide a RA Number and will provide shipping and packing instructions and the device can be shipped to us

Please do NOT return anything without an Authorisation Number that we will email to you