Overall Specs

Lens TA32 (384 Core)

19mm (Optical Mag 2x) 25mm (Optical Mag 2.6x) / 35mm (Optical Mag 3.7x)

Lens TA62 (640 Core)

35mm (Optical Mag 2.2x)

Pixel Pitch – 12u

Detection Range 1500/2000m

Ok, We don’t normally show this sort of figure – mostly because its best described as useless or at worst BS – Have a read of this on the Topic of ‘Can see a deer at xxx’ and see why we take real videos of real NZ animals at real Ranges – Click Here

Battery – 1 x 18650 Flat Top (1 Included)

Requires a Charger

Warranty – 3 Years

Full Specs are below - NOTE we only have the LRF versions