Longshot Bullet Proof Warranty

  • 2-year warranty
  • Protects against stray shots at the range
  • Replace any TARGETVISION target system

The Targetvision bulletproof warranty will protect your shooting camera for 2 years from stray shots while at the range. Whether you have your DOPE wrong (which we know never happens…) or your neighbor decides to see what happens when he shoots that little box downrange, we have you covered.

Under this warranty, TargetVision will repair or replace any target shooting camera system purchased along with this warranty that has been shot while at the range. Simply ship your Longshot camera systems back to us (you pay the shipping to us and back) we’ll fix it like new, then ship it back to you.

Please Note:

  • Each Target Vision Bulletproof Warranty applies to only one camera. If you purchased a multi-camera system, you will need to purchase one warranty for each target camera. If you purchase fewer warranties than shooting cameras, they will apply in order of the camera numbers (1 warranty applies to camera 1, 2 warranties will apply to cameras 1 and 2, etc.).
  • You will pay the shipping to and from the USA