Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eye relief like for shooting?

We have made a short video of us shooting a 308w

First thing to check, are your in Night (Black and White Mode)?

Is the IR Lamp on?

Check out this video for what we mean


Yes they sure do

Here is a Nightforce NX8 in the video

All digital scopes aim in a different way to a traditional day scope

Watch this video to see how they both work

If your rifle scope doesn't have parallax control (Normally on the left turret or on the front Objective) they it has a fixed parallax of typically 90-180m - anything out of that range won't have the best images. Watch this video to see what actually happens - this was filmed with a 007 A, the S is similar but with better resolution

Watch this video to see and also a explanation on how you can make it work better


Parallax Control, What Happens

How can I make it Better